In what cases should you use Tramadol?

Tramadol tablets and capsules: Adults and children over 14 years – single dose of 50 mg. in the absence of analgesic effect within 30 - 60 minutes you can take 1 more tablet or a capsule; at severe pain a single dose can be 100 mg (2 tablets or capsules). The effect, depending on the severity of pains, remains within 4-8 hours. Do not exceed daily dose of Tramadol is 400 mg (8 tablets or capsules). Children at the age from 1 till 14 years the dose is set from the calculation of 1-2 mg/kg.

Suggested use: Capsules should be swallowed without chewing, washing down with necessary quantity of liquid, regardless of meals. The pills can be swallowed, without chewing, washing down with necessary quantity of liquid, regardless of meals, or preliminary to dissolve in 1/2 glass of water.

"Narcotic effect" not found

Saw now and again the question arose: "Why Tramadol related drugs?" In the '80s and early' 90s, when I was active in sports, tramadol and capsules and capsules to strict accounting was not subject. Even the youth of our he was. Not Soviet, the "brand" of some kind, trade name memorized - "Tramal"... I did and injections of tramadol and the capsules I drank quite often. And no euphoria and other buzz I have not experienced. And it relieves the pain very effectively.

That's when before and after the surgery it put morphine - the buzz was, that's a fact. But tramadol is not know. In my opinion, he was positioned just like this alternative to drugs in pain, "a synthetic analogue of opiates". Well, the analogue volutrauma action, perhaps, but not on a narcotic effect...

It is unfortunate that now to buy it over the counter impossible. As for addiction, people and dipyrone with aspirin sit. And what?

Does addictive?
Read the instructions for use of Tramadol, is a narcotic drug, which means it can be addictive? I would not want to become a drug addict.

Yes, Tramadol is a narcotic analgesic, and one of the side effects of its use is the formation of dependence. However, when properly selected dose and timely cancellation of the drug the probability is very low. In some cases, such as in terminal stages of cancer, narcotic analgesics, the only way to ensure the patient's life without pain, in such cases, few people pay attention to the formation of dependence on Tramadol.

How long excreted from the body?

For fun I decided to try, and how long does Tramadol. The drug is found at grandma's. Interested in how long he lasts in the blood and in the urine, and how long you can sit behind the wheel of a car, not to fear, that Tramadol will find in the blood?

To use drugs "for fun" should not. This can lead to complications and problems with the law. The answer to the question, how long does Tramadol in body, depends on the quantity of drugs, the General condition of the patient. Modern diagnostic methods allow to establish the fact of drug use within 2-3 days.

In people with diseased liver or kidney, this period may be up to 5 days as the rate of excretion of the drug they have slowed down. This applies to methods of Express-diagnostics. In the chemical-toxic laboratory can detect opioid drugs that were used 5-7 days ago.

Which is better – Tramal or Tramadol?

I doctor has prescribed Tramadol, and when he came to the pharmacy, it turned out that Tramadol is not, but there is a Tramal. Which of these drugs is better?

Tramal vs Tramadol

Tramal and Tramadol are similar, Tramal is one of trade names of Tramadol, the active substance in one and the same. Preparations are interchangeable. By the way, in prescription, the physician generally refers the active ingredient and not the trade name, so the pharmacy can offer and any other similar, just the dosage consistent with the one specified in the recipe.