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History of Tramadol: Invented in 1962 by an employee of the German pharmaceutical company GR√úNENTHAL GmbH ("grunenthal") by Dr. Kurt Flick. Dr. Kurt flick, synthesized molecule of tramadol, the drug, its appearance marked the beginning of the creation of the opioid narcotic analgesics - Buy Tramadol online

Almost immediately after the appearance of the drug in the environment of drug addicts revealed that, when used as a narcotic drug in terms of its impact on the human body, comparable to the strongest drugs. Wave tramadolbuy addiction began to grow almost immediately after the invention of the drug and proceeds of its sale in 1962, as a result, just over a year, Tramadol sales soared by about a quarter.


In the use of funds for older people should increase the time interval between doses. In the case when the drug is used for the background of the action of hypnotics and psychotropic drugs, its dosage should be reduced in size and under the supervision of a specialist. The product is not compatible with alcohol and can be addictive.


It is included in the list of US IV drugs. The drugs on this list have a less negative impact than, for example, medication lists III and II. For example, among the list of medicines IV have Generic Tramadol USA, list III - Codeine, list II - morphine and methadone. More info of Description ...


Used by pain syndrome of different intensity and etiology. Can be used after surgeries and injuries, as well as in case of pain in cancer patients. Prescribed for pain some diagnostic procedures, accompanied by pain sensations.

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Dosing is determined individually on the appointment of relevant specialist and depends on the degree of severity of pain and the sensitivity of the patient. Enter the vehicle intravenously, intramuscularly or subcutaneously - order Tramadol for SALE ! For patients older than 14 years a single dose is up to 100 mg In the absence of the desired effect after an hour, you can resubmit 50 mg funds. Cancer patients can receive higher doses of medication. Children over years administered a single dose up to 2mg/kg.


It is forbidden to take the drug in case of poisoning by alcohol, psychotropic or narcotic drugs. Also do not use analgesic in persons with renal and hepatic insufficiency. It is not recommended to take the drug in conjunction with MAO inhibitors. In respect of children under the age of years and those with hypersensitivity to ingredients means that Tramadol is not used.

Side effects:

Reception failure may be accompanied by sweating, weakness and dizziness. It also causes lethargy, nausea, tachycardia, and allergic reactions.


The active ingredient
The active ingredient is tramadol hydrochloride.
Also includes sodium acetate and water for injections.
Form of issue:
Solution for injection, infusion, in/in, in/m introduction
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